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The Spire Part 1 :iconpennsyltuckyxtimes:PennsyltuckyXTimes 0 0
Sad is the Day
Once upon a time, not long ago,
Jimmy sat, watching his favorite T.V. show,
when suddenly the screen turned to two great towers of smoke,
with people screaming, crying, without any hope,
his mother was weeping, his father was stone,
and silence soon fell across their humble home,
it was so very quiet; you'd think them all dead,
then his father broke the silence, and this is what he said:
O'father, O'father, I hoped to never see this day,
it should be I to be laid down, withered and grey,
what is lost will not be found,
can you hear the bagpipe sound?
And the weeps lost amidst the 21 gun,
sad is the day a father must bury his son.
Many years passed and little Jimmy became a man,
with a wife, and a child, and a dark workers tan,
Now he sat at a funeral for a dear close friend,
a man whom he'll remember until the very end,
for the man followed in the footsteps, of his dear old dad,
as a police officer, and what a life he had!
Until it was ended abruptly, by a gunman gone mad,
now the poli
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Official Document
Property of the Sovereign Packs
3/11/4177 A.D.
Email Link of Doctor Nico Sampson and Alpha of Defense David Tarman
4175 A.D.-4177 A.D.
TO: Alpha of Defense David Tarman
FROM: Doctor Nico Sampson/ Bureau  of Archeological Studies
SUBJECT: Re://Thank You!
First of all sir, I would like to thank you for providing some of the key funding for this entire operation. The funding from the private companies and universities fell dry after we failed to dig up anything that we didn’t already know about the creatures. However thanks to you we can begin anew, and I’m sure we will find something exceptional.
TO: Alpha of Defense David Tarman
FROM: Doctor Nico Sampson/Bureau of Archaeological Studies
SUBJECT: Discoveries relating to the pre-canine civilized species currently known as “Homidus”
Today we made a great discovery! While we were searching through the badlands on  the border of New Haven we found the remains of an ancient city
:iconpennsyltuckyxtimes:PennsyltuckyXTimes 6 12
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Happy 4th of July!
Federation of Zakistan.
I took a test to figure out what kind of country I would run. Turns out it's one Robert Heinlein would have approved of. Glory to the Federation! Glory to Zakistan!
What a wild year it has been. Full of things that weren't supposed to happen, yet did, many firsts and more than one end to a story. Here's to 2016! May 2017 be even better! 
And Christmas Eve!
Happy 4th of July!


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United States
Hey! My name is Zach, and if you couldn't tell from my profile name, I'm from the great state of Pennsylvania! In case you're unfamiliar with the term "Pennsyltucky" it is refering to the rural and Appalacia regions of PA. (Otherwise known as the only decent parts of P.A., Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are dumps) Most of the work I will submit to this website will be photography and writing, possibly with the occasional sketch. Most of my pictures are taken on my trusty Droid Incredible. (She's captured many a priceless picture) I also have a YouTube channel that I will post a link to once I figure out how to. I'm an avid outdoorsman as well. I love hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting. If anyone is interested in a nature photograph, message me, and I'll get one for ya! (For free of course) Otherwise, enjoy my pictures and literature! -Zach


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